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What If....

…there were lawyers that were people too,

ones that have moved home, felt the challenges in setting up a business or understand the absence of a loved one far way in another country.

…there was a law firm that listened to me first,

and was sensitive around my issues

…only I could,

be sure I would be talking to a lawyer that was speaking my language

When the future isn't always predictable....

......the people helping me were truly global thinkers and innovators, people I already know and trust.


At Blackstone Legal, we are those people.
We’re unconventional not because being different
is trendy or the new fad but because being different

means whatever the challenges everyday life presents you,
we are here for you, because we too have
experiences of those everyday changes in life.
At the very heart of what we do, it’s all about you.

At Blackstone legal, we recognise that no two clients are the same. With our highly experienced team, you’ll find that we’ll spend time getting to really know you and the issues that matter.

......where what if doesn't come into our vocabulary

Yes, we are lawyers, but we do a whole lot more

Modern but experienced. We have blended our two decades of know-how to your advantage. We too have moved house, set up a business and faced the same challenges you face. With today’s modern, demanding world, we know what you are going through.

We measure the value of our services in the same way you do. We don’t apologise for looking at things differently

We like what we do. We start each day with a sense of purpose.

We give back to and connect with our community because we want to see it thrive.We do this by donating our time to local charities and boards, working with the United Nations and collaborating with likeminded businesses and individuals.

We invest in long term relationships with our clients you will want to work with us again and again.

We’re part of shaping a sustainable future.

How we work is as important as what we do

We don’t measure the value of our people or our clients in units of time.

Where most firms charge by time, our approach is different.


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